Time Machines Motorsports LLC exists to provide exciting vehicles and service to auto enthusiasts. Our family background in the automotive industry goes back to 1919 and a Ford dealership. We have been involved with sports and racing cars since the mid-1960s and have experience crewing Trans-Am and Can-Am teams in the early ‘70s. Involvement with Cobras and GT40 goes back to that era and our connection to Superformance dates to 1999. Previously we have been a supplier to AC Cars Ltd. And was a distributor for Autokraft and the AC MK IV working with Ford Motor Company to re-introduce the car to the USA in 1985. Another term working with the AC Car Group in the ‘90s introduced us to Hi Tech Automotive, the manufacturer of the Superformance product line. We became a full line Superformance dealer in 2009 and added the Caterham Seven line in 2014.

Our involvement with these cars is as much personal reward as it is a business; we love, drive and enjoy the feeling these immortal cars bring to us. These cars are not a sideline to a conventional auto dealership to us, they are very reason we exist.

Like we say, we LOVE to talk cars!

​Here is a photo of an SPF MK III I sold…. and an AC MK IV I sold.
Here’s the story: The MK IV was sold to a Swede working in NYC, Jan Stenbeck. He ordered the car to his specs and I delivered it to Wall Street on a weekday, parked the truck and trailer in the street, unloaded and he was off. Here is info on him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Stenbeck

So I had a few communications with Jan and then lost touch. In 2011 I sold an Irishman living in Boston a MK III roadster for him to give to his wife. He is Michael O. and I have been in touch with him over the years. Last year he contacted me with a picture of an AC MK IV he found in a barn in Luxemburg while he was on vacation. I tracked the VIN for him and it turns out to be Stenbeck’s car.

​Mike was able to purchase it, reimported and restored it so he now owns two “Cobras” that I sold thirty years apart! Small world.