The Caterham Seven

In his wildest dreams, Colin Chapman would not have believed his lightweight sportscar would last half a Century, that it would still be a benchmark for performance and handling, be sold in 30 countries worldwide and provide unrivalled opportunities in motorsport. The Caterham Seven® has achieved all of this and more.*
​*Caterham Cars USA

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The Seven 280 is ready to take on any adventurous road trip or back road blast. A large range of upgrades and optional extras are also available should you wish to add even more performance to your Seven 270*


The Super Seven 1600 was designed to “evoke the glamour, the color, and the joy of motoring in the 1970s” without the drawbacks of the era’s technology. There are flared front fenders reminiscent of the 1970s, 14-inch alloy wheels, a wood-rimmed steering wheel, and leather upholstery*


Born of Caterham’s inescapable urge to continually develop the Seven, as well as its ongoing work to hone its acclaimed domestic motorsport program, the Seven 310 was a happy accident that may take the Seven to the pinnacle of its prowess*


The Seven 360 has been refined to encompass many of the engineering developments and upgrades obtained from our experience of the various race models within the Caterham Motorsport series*


New to Caterham, the latest car includes a ‘Sport’ mode which, when selected, provides the car with even sharper driving characteristics, while enabling the vehicle to deliver its peak performance. Performance is bold – the sprint to 60mph takes just over three seconds*


The 620S joins the 620R at the summit of the Seven range by harnessing the same 310bhp two-litre, supercharged Ford Duratec engine to deliver outrageous performance for those drivers who feel that the Seven just isn’t barnstorming enough*

Choose from either a Standard Chassis or Large Chassis for extra room.
Standard Chassis will accommodate drivers approximately up to 6’2. Large Chassis will accommodate drivers approximately up to 6’6.