he new Seven® 620 R is the fastest road car we’ve ever made. It’s not for the faint-hearted…

The new Caterham Seven® 620 R features a wide range of performance enhancements that will see it surpass the R500’s legendary status… and then some. By harnessing the Carbon Fiber trickery of the Caterham F1 Team and the technical prowess, sheer desire, experience and all round know-how of our crack team of engineers we’ve created a monster. A very special monster.

Lurking at the heart of the car is the same 2.0 litre engine as found in the Caterham Seven 420. Except we Supercharged it. That’s right, we have done the automotive equivalent of attaching a rocket to a missile. We’ve taken something really fast and made it really fast. Delivering a mighty 310 bhp and a huge amount of torque, the 620 R is equipped with the sort of performance that is very hard to explain within the constraints of the English language or the laws of physics.

Furthermore, the car has been developed and honed to not only be capable of withstanding the power, but to harness it. With a entirely new sequential gearbox and uprated drive train coupled to newly developed suspension components courtesy of the Caterham F1 team the 620 R delivers more feel and handles better than anything we’ve ever built. We’re rather proud of it. All this is coupled with weight saving measures and ergonomical improvements wherever possible, which has delivered a car that is truely at the top of its game. Hold on tight…

The Seven® 620 R is available as a factory built car only, hand-built by Caterham’s skilled team in England and is shipped as a rolling chassis. The engine and gearbox are not included in the base price and are available as a separate package, which can then be fitted by a third party that can be recommended to you by your local dealer.

**”For ease of budgeting the prices shown include the engine/transmission (powertrain package) that will be supplied by a third party, Riverside Racers. The powertrain cost will be deducted from the prices shown and will be payable to Riverside Racers upon shipment from Caterham. This is in accordance with regulations for ‘self build’ vehicles.”

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The Caterham 620 is currently only available in right-hand drive.

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Available in right-hand drive only