Back in the late 50’s, a certain mustache championing genius decided that the original Series 1 Seven wasn’t quite fast or light enough…. so in went a new engine and gearbox, a new set of wheels, a rev-counter and a leather-trimmed steering wheel, creating the first ever Super Seven.  Since then, we’ve built numerous ‘Super’ Sevens, but only three have ever carried the name officially. 

The Super Seven® 1600 is takes inspiration from the original Super Sevens, and the very earliest Caterhams of the 1970s, with a few modern touches thrown in for effortless motoring. This particular Super Seven boasts a 1.6 Ford Sigma unit with Twin 40s throttle-body upgrades, polished finishes, flared front wings, SMITHS dials and a bespoke interior.

​The bespoke interior comes in a variety of leather finishes, and the wheels and headlight bowls can be specified in wide choice of colors – making the Super Seven 1600 one of our most customisable cars yet. 

Welcome to the new old-school.

**”For ease of budgeting the prices shown include the engine/transmission (powertrain package) that will be supplied by a third party, Riverside Racers. The powertrain cost will be deducted from the prices shown and will be payable to Riverside Racers upon shipment from Caterham. This is in accordance with regulations for ‘self build’ vehicles.”

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