The car that started the revolution!

The Superformance 289 MKII street car “Slab Side” and MKII FIA are all built on the successful Tojeiro styled round tube chassis, and feature an authentic transverse leaf spring suspension.

The MKII Slab Side is built on the chassis that Superformance developed for the FIA and USRRC models, which were built using the original AC Cars blueprints and specifications. Modern upgrades include stronger frame tubes, updated Wilwood brakes and other modifications which all provide an improved driving experience while still keeping the feel of the original cars.

Through our exclusive arrangement with Carroll Shelby, the MKII Slab Side and MKII FIA are among the latest licensed Shelby products in the Superformance lineup.


  • Show quality two-stage paint finishes
  • Hand laminated fiberglass body with reinforcing inserts
  • Heavy duty TIG welded 3″ Tojeiro style frame chassis
  • Transverse leaf spring style suspension
  • ​Limited slip differential
  • Wilwood® front & rear disc brakes with double master cylinders
  • Original style Dayton wire wheels with 15″ tires
  • Original style shifter and hand brake lever
  • Black carpeted interior
  • Sun visors and wind wings
  • Original style latch-lock seat belts
  • Moto-Lita wooden steering wheel
  • Original style fuel filler
  • Aluminum hi-performance radiator, shroud and fan
  • 14 Gallon stainless steel fuel tank
  • Original style gauges (Stewart Warner) and switches


  • Exhaust and headers for Ford based V8 engine
  • Soft top and side curtains
  • Tonneau cover
  • Side and rear view mirrors
  • Hood Scoop
  • Leather seating surfaces (drivers & passenger adjusts)
  • ​Optional interior colors
  • Black carpeting in trunk
  • ​Spare Dayton wheel & tire
  • Harrison expansion overflow tank
  • Auxiliary racing tank
  • Door map pockets
  • ​Halibrand style “Kidney Bean” aluminum wheels with six-pin drive


Wheelbase: 90″
Length: 151.5″
Height (Top of screen): 45″
Width (Overall): 72″
Track Front: 53″
Track Rear: 53″
Fuel Tank: 14 gal.
Front Wheels: 15″ Dayton 70 spoke knock off
Rear Wheels: 15″ Dayton 70 spoke knock off
Tires-Front 205/70 R15
Tires-Rear 205/70 R15
ZF Limited slip differential, ratio 3:46:1
Chassis: Round Tube
Body: Fiberglass with steel tube reinforcements
Body Reinforcements: Beneath doors, hood and trunk
Front Suspension: Transverse leaf spring, Spax adjustable shocks
Rear Suspension: Transverse leaf spring, Spax adjustable shocks
Steering: Rack and pinion
Pedal Box: Clutch master cylinder, brake master cylinder
Front Brakes: Wilwood 4 pot dynalite
Rear Brakes: Wilwood 2 pot with handbrake incorporated
Exhaust system: Twin pipe rear exit
Instrumentation: Stewart Warner
Interior: Motolita steering wheel, leather/vinyl seats
Weather: Optional soft top, side screens and tonneau cover
Recommended engine & transmission: Ford 289/302 based with TKO 600


The Chassis is the original John Tojero designed 3” tubular rail ladder with cross-member. This chassis is reproduced using drawings obtained from AC cars and also implements the necessary changes to utilize rack and pinion steering . The 3” tubes are TIG and MIG welded to guarantee a safer and stronger chassis. This is much stronger than the arc and gas welded originals. Pain staking efforts were made to reproduce the chassis as close to an original as possible while incorporating a few modern improvements, like inserting a 3″ square tube through the main rails to prevent flexing. Building the cars with a meticulous eye on authenticity took time, but this resulted in a superior driving experience.


The Superformance MKII roadster bodywork replicates the later of the 289`s which incorporated modifications to fender flares that will accommodate the slightly wider tires fitted onto chrome wire wheels. One of the improvements made by Hi tech was that the footwells were tweaked so that the taller North Americans can now sit comfortably.


To compliment an original chassis you need to follow the same rules when it comes to the suspension. It had to be period correct, or as close as possible. The original slab side had a transverse leaf spring style suspension which requires different length springs to change camber settings we decided to use heim joints which were used on some of the original competition cars.

Another change with regards to safety was to add an additional pick-up point to the chassis to increase the shear strength of the bolt passing through the lower control arm rose joint or rod end. The original springs were made of thinner steel than that available today. In an effort to keep compression rate the same, this car comes with one blade less and “free camber” was changed to keep the ride heights equal from front to rear. This insistence on authenticity means that owners of a Superformance MKII Roadster will have virtually the same driving experience as the original.


An Original would have probably been a 289 with a B.W T10. Today, the recommendation would be a 289/302 based engine with a more modern Tremec TKO or similar transmission.


Again, attention to small details like the replication of the glove box knob and the correct use of gauges make this car stand out from the others. A side screen pocket is fitted behind the seats on the rear bulkhead and door map pockets are also incorporated in the doors. Lush carpeting finishes off the cabin for a comfortable feel on the road.